DearSA’s Enviro Expert Coalition is continually facilitating as many Public Participation Processes as possible under the Environmental Affairs sector. Take a look at our current projects so that you too, can follow a campaign from the beginning and “have your say”.

Poor Treatment of Animals in Captivity:

Poor Treatment of Animals in Captivity: Sparked by the recent outcry over the treatment of elephants at the Joburg Zoo, DearSA, Good Things Guy and Ban Animal Trading are gathering input from the public to determine the introduction of an amendment to the outdated Animals Protection Act of 1962 and the Performing Animals Act of 1935. This amendment will strengthen the legislation to ensure animals in captivity are not subject to abuse while harsher penalties are imposed on individuals and institutions who contravene the Act.

Proposed Animals Protection Amendment Bill:

Proposed Animals Protection Amendment Bill: Our Courts have recognised that although the Animals Protection Act, 1962, may not be conferring rights on animals, it is designed to promote their welfare and it recognises that animals are sentient beings that are capable of suffering and of experiencing pain. The Constitutional Court specifically concluded that the “rationale behind protecting animal welfare has shifted from merely safeguarding the moral status of humans to placing intrinsic value on animals as individuals”.


The closed campaigns shown below have reports included that summarise the data that was received and submitted to the relevant committee members.

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