DearSA’s Enviro Expert Coalition is a lobby group that as been developed to operate with other global environmental groups to increase collaboration with the objective to influence policy on environmental matters. Our areas include the following: 

  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Oceans and Coastlines
  • Chemicals and Waste Management
  • Climate change, air quality and sustainable development

South Africa’s fauna, flora, natural resources and heritage sites are recognised worldwide and therefore require the attention to ensure that legislation is able to purposefully serve our environments.  As a growing population, we are aware of the demand for sanitation, housing, electricity and food. However, with each of these necessities, it’s imperative that the environments’ needs are considered. Our country fortunately has so many facets to our varying environments across all of the provinces and we need to be cognisant of this when planning preservation and sustainability of the environment for future generations to come.

As part of the policy shaping process, our organisation openly invites members of the public and other organisations to “have your say” on proposed legislative amendments issued by government or in other instances, when new legislative proposals need to be submitted to government for consideration.  

In each of the campaigns that are setup, the details will be hosted through the DearSA online and mobile platform to enable public participation and we will always accommodate for an outright opposition, a partial opposition or a full agreement as the varying options to the legislative details. As members of the public, we also have a free text section for your comments where you can express your freedom of speech.  At the end of these campaigns, our team will compile a report and submit the summary of the findings to the relevant committee members for evaluation. Thereafter, you will receive email updates to keep abreast of the developments relative to the specific campaign based on your participation.


We set out to shape legislation by means of public participation on a municipal, regional and national level utilising the DearSA legally recognised platform. 


In our view outdated, missing or overbearing legislation is often the contributing factor to “problem areas”. However, it’s not always possible for public or private organisations to address these pieces of legislation often due to financial or resource constraints. Our vision is to see an ultimate collaboration amongst the positive environmental programmes in our society, that can be presented and adopted by the relevant Committees in Government respectively, with the aim to resolve current problems.